About Us

Philosophy:  To provide the right cover, at the right time at a reasonable price.

Mission statement:  We provide protective covers for recreational products that preserve the life of the objects, keeping dirt and dust off the items.   Our spa covers keep dust and dirt out of the spa, while keeping heat in preventing excessive evaporation with chemical loss.

Message from the President:   Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible covers for the job.

Location:  We’re a US company with US manufacturing and we’ve been located in Phoenix, AZ since 1979.  (Note that some US companies now have their covers manufactured outside the US.)  Though based in Phoenix, we make covers for very diverse climates that range from the very hot, dry desert to very cold, snow-belt regions.  We understand the unique requirements of each of the areas we serve.  We know what materials work best in each climate.

Employees:  Our team has depth of experience manufacturing covers.  The average associate has been with us for over 12 years!  We’re all committed to make quality covers and we inspect the product at each manufacturing stage to insure that every product is being made to the highest possible standard.  We are a family owned enterprise spanning two generations.

A Green Company:  We believe strongly in being good stewards of our earth, and try to be the “greenest” spa cover company around.  We recycle foam, steel and packaging materials.  EF BlockTM is made from 87% recycled EPS and is used in buildings all around the globe.   EF Block is a leading recycler in Arizona.  Steel scrap is recycled with local recyclers.  Packaging is recycled with Phoenix fabric wholesalers.  We’re glad that what used to end up in a landfill, is now being used to create new and exciting products!  And that we can do our little part to make that happen!

Contact Us:

Phone:  602-269-6963
Fax:  602-278-0424
e-Mail:   [email protected]
Address:  3737 West Thomas, Phoenix, AZ 85019